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The Solution to the 'Lost Sock' Problem!

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We are all aware of the many theories behind where our lost socks end up when they go missing. Did the Sock Fairy bring it to the land of lost left socks? Did the Dryer eat it? Maybe the Dog?  Well, it turns out that after years of debate, there is, in fact, some truth behind a long-standing “Dryer eats my socks” Urban Myth.               





The internet is going absolutely nuts over a photo of a dryer with a removable bottom panel including a large collection of odd single socks and even a credit card! As someone who has spent hours of frustration trying to understand and reason why I was always ending up with an odd sock, this revelation is somewhat a relief that I am in fact sane, for now. Though we have solved one mystery behind the missing sock theory, washers and dryers vary in design and we cannot yet conclude why our socks are just so difficult to keep together, all we know is this seems to be an annoyance for people of all shapes and sizes. The struggle of keeping socks together and organized is not just a hot internet pop-culture topic, there’s even science to back it. Fun Fact, the average person loses about 15 socks every year, that’s about 1,264 socks a lifetime! If that’s not enough to convince you this is a real issue, it's estimated that the average American Male spends over a month of their life looking for the lost and missing sock. The results are in, I think we can all agree, it’s time to find a solution to the lost sock problem.


Many have made solid attempts at solving the lost sock problem and many have failed, or their solutions were simply impractical and make doing laundry more of a hassle than it already is. One way to keep your socks together in the dryer is Sock Cop Clips. Sock Cop Clips are plastic clamps that allows you to clamp your socks together through the wash/dry cycles. Similar to Sock Cop Clips are Sock Locks, which allow you to pair socks together prior to doing laundry to prevent loss. Another solution that was discovered on ABC’s Shark Tank is SockTABS. SockTABS are a wearable solution to the missing sock and function similarly to a safety pin, allowing you to pin the socks together.





Another good attempt at solving the mysterious socks problem is the Sock Doc. The Sock Doc is a fun way of organizing your socks and keeping your socks together throughout the wash and dry cycles, however if you need to do large loads of laundry, the Sock Doc will not work for you. As you can see there are a few promising options to remedy the issue of keeping your socks together, but are they practical? Due to the fact that you need to buy these products separately from your socks makes products such as Sock Locks, Sock Clips, and SockTABS become more of a hassle and an expense rather than an actual reasonable solution. Taking the time to sort through and organize your socks with tabs, clips and locks simply are time-consuming and impractical. Many of the products presented are successful in keeping your socks together and organized, however they fail in simplicity and convenience.



After much debate and testing, it seems the best solution for lost and missing sock problem is Snap Socks. Like many socks brands out there, Snap Socks has the essential basic and novelty designs made for ultimate comfort, with everything from Christmas Socks to Dress Socks, but there is one small detail that separates them from the rest. Each Snap Sock is equipped with a patented plastic snap system that allows you to “Snap” your socks together and keep them together throughout the washer, the dryer and anytime they’re NOT on your feet! It’s simple, instead of taking all this time sorting through socks, when you remove the socks from your feet, you simply “Snap” the socks together and only unsnap them when you’re ready to wear them again! They stick together through the deepest depths of your drawers, the mess of the laundry basket and all the tumbles and twirls of the wash/dry cycle.





We asked a few Snap Socks customers why they choose Snap Socks over other Sock brands.


“ I never realized how much time I actually wasted sorting through my laundry basket and matching the socks together until I switched to Snap Socks. After my first load of laundry with Snap Socks, I immediately thought how crazy it is that its 2018 and everyone doesn’t use Snap Socks”

            -Holly Klotzly                                                                                                                   (San Diego, Ca)


“Since I do my laundry at a local laundry spot, the last thing I want to do at the end of my day is sort through my socks when I take them out of the dryer. Snap Socks don’t only make doing laundry easier, they help keep my sock drawer together as well.”


             -Patrick Maggio                                                                                                              (Miami, Florida)


It seems the verdict is in, after long trials and testing, Snap Socks is the most effective product for keeping your socks organized and more importantly together! Make sure to check in around the Holidays for Black Friday discounts and of course Christmas socks!




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