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But actually.

Have you ever wondered where the world all of our socks go, and how so many socks mysteriously vanish? Of course, you have. Is the Wash/Dry Cycle? Is there a sock fairy? 

But more importantly, have you ever wondered why no one has managed to solve this problem yet? We did, and Snap Socks was born.

We’re not the first to try to solve this problem. But we are the first to solve it.

Sock Tabs tried to do it. They even got on Shark Tank. The problem with Sock Tabs is that the tabs themselves are even easier to lose than socks—and then you have no tabs, and you’re back to square one. Or sock one. Or one sock. Besides, putting the tabs on your socks before every washing is just as annoying and time consuming as searching for your separated socks after a wash cycle.

Sock Clips tried to do it too. They didn’t learn anything from Sock Tabs failure, because it’s essentially the same product, with all the same problems.

And then you have Sock Dock—which presents the same solution as the first two, where you manually clip your socks together before every washing, only it bundles them all into one giant dock of socks, so that the socks are even less free to get clean.

Last, and certainly least, you have Snappy Socks and ZOM SOCKS, the Wal-Mart knock-off version of our company. Yeah, they use the same technique as us, only their materials are cheap, their socks are weak, and their snaps rip very quickly.

We have a large variety of mens socks, women’s socks, funny socks, dress socks, Christmas Socks, Knee High Socks, Low Cut Socks for all type of shoppers . Regardless of style, our socks have a strong, built-in, patented snap, that keeps your socks together in the washer, the dryer, and the drawer, so you never lose them. And we only make high-quality socks, with wild new designs all the time, because if you’re going to buy socks you won’t lose, they should be socks you don’t want to lose. And sticking them together should be effortless—no hassling with clips and tags and docks, for crying out loud.

We’re doing our best to make your favorite socks, and make sure you never lose them again.

So try a pair. And keep it together.


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